Network Marketing

Worldfree Network Marketing of the FreeMark

Any owner of FreeMarks will earn Growth Rate Royalties as the FreeMark money supply grows. In addition to these royalties, the Worldfree Network provides a number of other incentives for those who wish to market FreeMarks.

The network marketing opportunity is a payment of 2.5% royalties for every FreeMark sold to others, with a 5-level downline for this commission structure. If you sell to 4 different participants, then that commission rises to 3%.

In this way you can earn potentially large royalties if you create or are a member of a network marketing group and sales are successful. The following calculator gives you an idea of the potential.

Worldfree Marketing Royalties

Calculate Your Marketing Royalties

If you sign up


FreeMark buyers, and

They each signup an average


FreeMark buyers (5 Levels deep)

FreeMark purchase average of


$fm (Must be > 200)

Marketing Royalties of



Then you earn


The above royalties are paid on the average purchase, with a minimum of $fm200, by the downline. Actual results will vary. The Growth Rate Royalties are paid on the FreeMarks you own, whether you earn them by commission through network marketing, by buying FreeMarks, or through sales of goods and services on the Worldfree Network.

Because 65% of revenues from sales of FreeMarks are placed in the FreeMark Reserve Endowment, which grows over time as it is invested by a regulated, audited fund, in time we project 100% asset-backing. Additionally, small transaction fees will also contribute to the growth of the asset backing.

The other 35% of sales is for paying expenses, development, operating expenses and marketing commissions and other promotions costs. 

The idea is that it will be unlikely that 100% of FreeMark owners will want to cash in at any time, although this is a risk. With patience, expansion of the use cases for the FreeMark as a currency, and experience in earning Growth Rate Royalties, greater numbers of people will keep their FreeMarks in their wallet, rather than exchange them for other currencies, knowing that they always have a place to keep their wealth that is secure, inflation and deflation resistant, and earns royalties over time.